This young boy was placed in Jeremiah's Children's Home after being estranged from his family and forced into child labor. After almost a year our overseer felt there was more to this boy's story and pressed the Narok County Social Services officer to do some digging. The end result is that his family was located some distance away. Jeremiah's staff and a Narok government children's office representative, went on this journey and witnessed this wonderful reunion. There was great joy and thanksgiving for the lost boy had been found! The neighbors and villagers came to marvel at the reunion with amazement! The parents and the community were overwhelmed with joy and celebrated with songs and prayers. At Jeremiah's Family Ministry, we value parents and their community. With a compassionate heart we serve the underprivileged.

Project: Jeremiah's Children's Home

Place: Narok, Kenya

Sun, Jun 14, 2020